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Welcome to Waves of Connection, our aim is to use the therapeutic benefits of the Ocean and Mindfulness to help our participants cope with a variety of challenges and reduce stress.  We also offer Well-Being interventions for schools, companies and individuals.  Take a look at our story and please get in touch via our contacts page, should you require any further information.  Please refer to our book a session page for prices and availability.

Beach at Sunset


I have been a keen surfer since the age of 13, catching the bus from my home town to Aberavon in South Wales after school to enjoy the benefits of the Ocean.  It wasn't until I was a little older that I realised the Ocean was my escape, there was something about it which kept drawing me back, I was hooked.  The theory of 'Flow' pioneered by Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi involves being fully immersed in an activity, where time passes by in the blink of an eye, you receive immediate feedback, you're fully concentrating on one task, the activity is challenging and most of all the activity is intrinsically rewarding.  I challenge you to find a person who has not experienced these conditions whilst surfing.  Upon more research and training in Counselling and Well Being I couldn't help but be drawn to the fact that sometimes people need an experience in a natural environment to help them get over the many hurdles modern life can throw at us and this is how Waves of Connection was born.  We're a Community Interest Company, which means we're a non profit making organisation.


At Waves of Connection we will work with you side by side, helping you in your journey to overcome your personal barriers, reduce stress or simply enjoy the outdoors. Our mission is to provide a non judgemental, professional and nurturing service, ensuring you not only get access to the benefits of the Ocean but also develop skills and strategies to help you thrive on land.

Sandy Beach

Our sessions take place at Rest Bay in Porthcawl, South Wales, a beautiful setting within easy reach of the M4 Motorway.  Porthcawl Surf School provide all the equipment needed to ensure you're comfortable and safe in a variety of conditions.


We welcome participants from age 11 and up.  Our staff are fully DBS cleared to work with young people and adults.  Our staff hold International Surfing Association qualifications along with qualifications in counselling, well being, fitness and advanced coaching.  Copies of all qualifications are available on request.

Take a look at our news and updates page, where you’ll find the latest press releases, Waves of Connection information and relevant contacts. We’re always happy to hear from our community, so if you’d like to submit your comments or suggest an article, please get in touch!



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